Oh, what a beautiful girl – Malayan tapir baby goes on exhibit!

She looks like a watermelon on legs and she’s already proving to be one of the most popular babies Adelaide Zoo has had.

Adelaide Zoo’s baby Malayan tapir tries out something new tomorrow when she officially goes onto exhibit for the first time.

A special “media-call” is being organised to provide the best pictures we can: When: 9.45am, tomorrow, Thursday, 16 November 2000 Where: Tapir exhibit, McDonald’s South East Asian Rainforest The mother and baby will be off-exhibit until this time. Keepers will strategically place food to allow good photo and filming opportunities.

“This is the first Malayan tapir to be born at Adelaide Zoo, and only the second to be born in Australia, it is important for the future of breeding programs for this introduction to be successful”, Mr Mark Craig, Manager of Life Sciences at Adelaide Zoo said today.

To ensure its safety it will be some time, if at all, before the baby will be allowed in the exhibit at the same time as its father. For this reason, only the baby and its mother will be seen in the exhibit tomorrow.

” For the past few weeks, since its birth, the baby has been visible off-limits through a special small viewing window, it is exciting that members of the public will now be able to see the baby out on exhibit with its mother – we expect to see a lot of interest from our visitors”, Mr Craig said.

There will be a competition held in January to name the new baby.

Adelaide Zoo again thanks McDonald’s South Australia for their long-term and continued commitment to the McDonald’s South East Asian Rainforest project.